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The Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessments and Cognitive Assessments

PI® assessments are a comprehensive set of tools being used in recruitment & selection of personnel, employee engagement, retention, job analysis, leadership development, performance management, succession planning, performance coaching, conflict management, team-building, change management.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment®

Is a simple methodology – a six minutes free-choice assessment that extrapolates behaviors into a pattern predicting workplace behaviours of employees or potential candidates.

In order to identify the best match of a given role in an organisation, a fit analysis is performed by comparing the pattern of the employee / candidate with the expectations of the organisation for that respective role. As a result, the risk of poor employment is reduced as well as personnel turnaround minimized.

Being used for both candidates and current employees, the behavioral pattern makes it easy to predict the unique motivating needs; by providing the people with the needed features for achieving performance, the right direction is set for the team’s success.

Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment®

Is the worldwide most accurate cognitive ability assessment system. This scientifically validated management tool provides comprehensive information about an individual’s capacity for performance and indicates your employees’ or potential employees’ learning abilities and problem-solving skills.

It takes only 12 minutes and the higher the result indicates the higher level of professional performance, being used in predicting the rate of success.

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